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  联通封了80和8080端口(,没办法,只好用个国外廉价的VPS(2美元/月,ping 300~400ms线路不怎么好)做个Nginx代理,来访问我家中联通ADSL+Cubieboard上的源站。昨天,联通ADSL出故障了,没有备用线路,只好用了个电信3G上网卡+Cubieboard支撑着源站,线路不稳定,从国外的VPS反向代理过来,经常不通,于是502频报。今天联通的维修人员过来修好了ADSL,博客终于恢复了。


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建议购买 这个,ssd硬盘,配置挺好价格不贵。
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技术大牛,用vps是不是有点屈才了,偶尔回来看你的博客。到现在针对linux 配置lnmp 还有余悸,不过依然不耽误我5台服务器运营中。基本上属于中高配,需要空间可以联系我哦94681858,我愿意赞助
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大侠,我自已的VPS美国的,现在还有多余的空间,可免费提供给您使用.QQ:148100568系统环境:php linux nginx 速度还可以,虽然是美国的
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韩国的vps 大概什么价格
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备个案 迁到国内来吧
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Now, it's all over, as if they can see Zhang month Erque before himself, was riding a horse in this way speeding forward, valiant, exactly the same moment.
Xiaohong Jing Jing Zhang month to accompany the children around, did not say anything, as if to feel her innermost thoughts, brow also followed revealed the color of sadness and pity.
As night fell, the starry sky, floating in the vast land, Xiao Hong and Zhang Yue children came to piercing the city, he was a sight to surprised. Three years ago, very busy here, lighted, busy. And now, here quiet one, and some just the night insects chirping, as well as deep beast howl.
A stand of tall buildings have collapsed the moment collapse, turning to rubble, starlight falling on top of a layer of pale blue thrown, such as a layer of frost, it is people feel deserted.
Ever since the day before yesterday a dream three shrines off Chang, the entire piercing becomes deserted city overnight, and no one dares near here, they will be afraid to approach this holy Heavenly punishment, together this time, the evil Long time to time broke into the mountains where the animals will be destroyed buildings to horrendous, only now was the scene.
Zhang Yue child's breathing became cramped up, you can see that she is a little nervous, even forehead sweat flowing out. Xiao Hong Zhang month now regret having let children come to this place, and she saw that he was born, grow, owns most of the home life into a memory like this, mind certainly hard to accept it!
Silent, Zhang Yue children gaze sweep again among the ruins, and then toward the Zhang mansion fly past. For the city, Hsiao Hung also very familiar, he himself was spent here for almost six months, passing a building in ruins, he could not even think of Liu Xiyuan and myself here to buy that scene Hope Valley .
He could not help but touched the arms of a mirror, in their most dire straits, when Liu Xiyuan but takes good care of their own, these surfaces was difficult to get the one hundred Xiao-Jing did not hesitate to give him.
And now, she has been far from their own.
Zhang Yue child, Liu Xiyuan two beautiful figure in Hsiao Hung brain constantly changing, and finally he sighed involuntarily, mouth revealing a hint of bitter laughter. Which he could not put down.
Zhang soon appeared in front of the mansion, but has only an empty ground ruins, in that war, all the buildings have been destroyed. Zhang Yue child fell to the ground,Christian Louboutin 6 inch heels, quietly standing in the ruins of the former,Christian Louboutin black pump, there are sad dark eyes the color of the flashing.
Suddenly her body trembling slightly up, parents face echoed in her mind. Loving mother, grew very loved her, as her own life,Christian Louboutin fake, she died at the moment, do not even see her she had no chance.
"Moon child, you want to live well, for us Zhang revenge, revenge ......." Yunquan that sentence before dying and leaving his face in agony of despair, once again surfaced in Zhang Yue child's eyes, she could not help the fist clenched, issued a flap sound.
"Heavenly Holy Land, I Zhang month child and you, never die endlessly
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